Sunday, June 2, 2013

Carter's Party

June 1st, 2013 we had a what we called "a celebration of life party." I had remembered from my childhood that my mom's friend Debbie had a party when her dad passed away. He wanted to be remembered in a good way, and for his children to have support and love from family and friends but to not have a sad event. I decided that i wanted the same thing for Carter and my husband agreed. The party started at 3pm on Saturday and people started showing up about half an hour early. We had an amazing turn out and people stayed for a really long time. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We had delicious food, beverages, and a variety of desserts. If Carter was watching, which i like to think he was, he would have loved all the people there for him.

Near the end of the celebration when only friends, and my mom and step sister remained we decided to write messages on balloons. We went out to his apple tree, lit his birthday cake and sang happy birthday to him. Then we released the balloons.

We came inside and ate his cake which was confetti cake with chocolate frosting. It was perfectly moist and delicious. My friends ravenously ate it even after all of the other desserts at the party. The party was perfect and i felt so lucky to have such good friends and family around to support us and love Carter.

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