Friday, September 13, 2013

A lovely dream

Carter, last night while i slept i dreamt of you. In my dream you were about 3 years old. You had a head full of brown hair that hung down to your ears like your dad. You were so brilliant in the dream Carter. You were talking full paragraphs, and asking me what words meant. You walked around so well that in the dream i would have thought that you were older. I was holding onto you in the dream and you met my cousins baby. You were lightyears smarter and cuter than she was just as i had imagined you. You were so full of love, and in the dream i could feel the clothing that you were wearing, and i ran your hair through my fingers. Everything felt so very real that when i woke i first felt sad, and then felt happy that i was able to dream of you. This dream i actually saw your face, and got to see you smile, and laugh. It was such a wonderful dream Carter, that i didn't want to wake up.

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