Monday, July 22, 2013


Hi Carter, yesterday was hard. Your dad and I were at staples and saw a couple come into the store with a newborn. The baby looked like you and I had trouble not looking. It made me sad because you should have been arriving any time now. I always knew you would be early, I just wished that you were still here with us. We went to our friends house Y&M for dinner last night. They are fostering 2 kids, and have one of their own. One foster child is a baby less than a year, and the other is 2 years old but looks about 1. I gave a bottle to the baby who was crying and it felt so natural. Having the 2 year old on my lap also felt so very natural. I miss you so very much my sweet baby.

Last night I had a dream that a pregnancy test came positive and I was so excited in the dream. I am hoping that comes true this month.....

Loving and missing you every day....

Your grandma L, bought a gorgeous bench to put out by your tree. I will post a photo here.

<3 Mom

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